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Mario Rabie is a self-taught photographer who gained his experience by assisting internationally & locally for 10 years. He has now been shooting commercially for 7 years and boasts a portfolio of advertising and works for brands and organizations such as Avon, Canon, Unilever, Tena, Narta, Guinness Africa, Pele Sport, Metro Police and the Elma Foundation.

His ability to easily connect with people from all walks of life lends an honesty to his images. His portraits have a fresh, unaffected feel, and celebrate the extra-ordinariness of his subjects, striking a balance between contemporary documentary photography and classic portraiture.

Alongside his commercial work Mario is constantly busy with numerous personal photographic projects, often documenting the lives of interesting people he encounters in his everyday life.

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Mobile: +27 72 5677848  Email: photo@mariorabie.com